Here is a tutorial of how you can easily activate the slider for the latest series of wp themes:

Set the posts and custom fields:

1. Create a category that will be the “featured” category and will include the desired featured posts you want to slide, and you may name it “featured”.
2. Go to Posts > All Posts and edit each featured post’s Custom Field(Activate Custom Fields – If you cannot see Custom Fields area) one by one. In the Name field, you should add “slide” key and in the value field you should add the URL to your image; eg – http://yourdomain.com/yourimage.jpg (Upload the image to your server)
wp theme custom fields

You should do the step above for each post you’ve add into the featured category.
Now lets do the theme settings to show the slides.
1. Go to the “Theme Options” from the left menu into the wordpress dashboard and select the Slider Tab from the right like in the image below.
wp theme options
2. Select the category (in our case, you should chose “featured”)
3. Select the number of slider, Transitions, Time between slides and Slide transition speed.

We still have one more step to complete set the slider for the wp themes
Select the Homepage slider from the theme options menu, and you should have “Show Slider?”, chose “yes”.
Show slider activation on wp themes
Now the slider should work nice on your homepage of the wp theme.

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